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Yes Cablevision you really should. Let me explain:

For those of us who subscribe to your service from the Bronx, we’ve been without Internet access since 3am. Since that time, no one at corporate seemed to think it was necessary to put out a statement to at least address the concerns of the paying customers.

Meanwhile all of us are blasting you via the hash tags #cablevision and #optimumonline since we’re only getting updates from each other via twitter. To add insult to injury, when customers try to call the service number, we either receive a busy signal or are told that you’re receiving an unusually high volume of calls and will need to try back later.

Still no mention of the Internet outage. This is horrible for your business. Of course, if you had someone like me running your consumer outreach, I would have addressed their concerns and kept status updates so as not to piss off your consumer base and send them running to Verizon.

But maybe that’s what you wanted all along. Think about it Cablevision.

#fade天Ten Coming soon to Pandora Internet Radio!

Pandora is the largest Internet radio station in the US with 100M+ active users. Average listening time is ~2hrs each and users can access the platform via web, mobile and in select automobile models! 

Fade’s newest album 天/Ten will appear on Pandora in addition to the following albums which are currently in rotation on the platform: 

Kings of Dawn
Age of Innocence
To Find a Better Tomorrow

If you’re in the US and listen to Pandora, search for them as “fade (Japan)” and create your own fade station! ^_^

Note: Currently because of royalty issues Pandora is only available in the US. :-/

Vote fade’s Close To You to the top on Mexican Internet Radio Station Japan Stereo!

fade is nominated in this Top Ten that will be aired tonight on the Mexican radio station JapanStereo.

To vote for fade click the link below. Click “Close to you” from the list and then “Submit” for voting.

Gracias to @YousVeet the Mexico ST lead organizer for getting the word out about this!