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The Bonez Debuts Their Sophomore Album “Astronaut” on Pandora Internet Radio. US audiences can check it out here!

fade #1 on Mexican Radio “Japan Stereo” for 3 Weeks Straight, Let’s Make it 4!!

OK if you’re a fade fan, you should already know about this, but for the past three weeks, fade has been in the #1 spot with “Close to You” on the Mexican Internet radio station, Japan Stereo. This Top Ten poll has been going on for 6 weeks, and we’ve made sure that fade won for half of that! So, let’s see if we can make it 4 weeks in a row! 

Thanks to the Mexican ST and the Latin American ST for helping to get fade into the poll & spreading the word on this opportunity. In order to vote for fade go to Japan Stereo and find “fade - close to you”. Select it and submit your vote. Remember you can vote as often as you like between now and this weekend!

Love when I randomly turn on Pandora and one of my client’s songs pops up first! ^_^

#fadefamily in the US do you have a fade (Japan) station set up on Pandora?

If not, please take a moment to go to and create an account if you don’t have one yet (no worries, it’s free to join) and type in “fade (Japan)” to search for our favorite California Roll of Rock! Create the station and enjoy! ^_^

So, this is an older interview, but wanted to post it since it’s on the press page! :)

In 2010 I was on an Internet radio show, The Jaded New Yorker. The discussion was a suggested reading list and I was interviewed since at the time my book had just been…

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