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Official marketing rep for RIZE and Jesse McFaddin in the Americas! ^_^

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Stylish tote - great for laundry days & taking stuff to the cleaner! #style #thehundreds #laundry #nyc

LOVE! It’s finally getting warm in NYC!!! ^_^

Childhood Memories of Reading Rainbow

Total randomness, but I actually bumped into Levar Burton (of Star Trek:TNG & Reading Rainbow fame) last night at a bar last night! He was actually pretty cool & chill - not pretentious at all! ^_^

<3 NYC because you never know who you’ll see around every corner.

"But you don’t have to take my word for it…" ~_^

This is the fashion capital of NYC but there are a lot of DONTs in this city.

If your belly looks like u had 5 kids DON’T pull your top up to underneath your bra.

And if your girl was really your friend, she would tell you that you don’t look hot this way.

<3’ing this blazer…will definitely be a part of our fall/winter wardrobe! Land’s End Fall/Holiday ‘12 Preview! 

Loving this style from the men’s collection for Land’s End Holiday ‘12 collection! 

Love this forest green velvet men’s blazer! Land’s End Holiday ‘12 Preview @ Public in Soho  NYC!

Obsessed with this pleated dress! Can’t wait to test it out IRL! Land’s End Holiday ‘12 Preview @ Public in NYC Soho

loving the menswear! Land’s End “Holiday ‘12” Preview @ Public in NYC Soho

Cute print dress paired with a solid blazer - Land’s End Holiday ‘12 Preview @ Public in Soho NYC!