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The Bonez, a rising mash up rock band featuring members from two iconic J-Rock bands (RIZE & Pay Money to My Pain) returns to MTV Iggy with the music video, Place of Fire, which is made in collaboration with Zippo Lighters to celebrate their special edition collection featuring the band’s logo with the iconic lighter brand.


This is The Bonez’ second time appearing on MTV Iggy after forming as an official group. Earlier this year their video Needle and Thread debuted in the US on MTV Iggy. And last year, lead singer Jesse McFaddin, appeared on the online platform with Access Violation which kicked off his Stand Up! project that lead to the eventual formation of The Bonez.

Watch Place of Fire on MTV Iggy

For more info on The Bonez, visit or follow them on Twitter @The__Bonez

Yeah it’s not Throwback Thursday because it’s Friday but hey…who cares!

In 2012 RIZE performed at Webster Hall in NYC’s East Village for the East Meets West charity concert for the Japan Tsunami Disaster. Not long after their set, lead singer Jesse McFaddin sat down with popular gaming platform, GamerFitNation, and shared his inspirations on life, music & giving back to the community.

Check it out below:

For more on Jesse & his current activities as the frontman for the bands The Bonez & RIZE visit or

For more on GamerFitNation visit

Today The Bonez (a collaborative rock band fronted by Jesse McFaddin that features members from RIZE & Pay Money To My Pain) announced the addition of “Naka” Yoshihiro Nakao - a former guitarist for RIZE! The new lineup officially debuted yesterday October 14th at the Redline Tour.

For more info on The Bonez, their upcoming tour dates and more, visit!

Slip&Co x Woodman Primary Goods Tie Up!

Fashion trend setter Jesse McFaddin (above) is now setting his sites on curating cutting edge American trends in Japan! Through his clothing line Slip&Co, he’s teamed up with the popular American street wear brand Woodman to bring their edgy style to Japan!

KenKen of RIZE on bass for Dragon Ash at MetRock2013 Festival in Shinkiba-Wakasu Park on the Main Stage!

On Tuesday, February 12th, Jesse McFaddin’s first video, Access Violation, from his solo album Stand Up! debuted on MTV Iggy, the world music discovery branch of the influential Viacom Media Networks family. The video is highlighted on their homepage, complete with a description. Access Violation is a track that blends a number of musical styles including rock, hip hop and electro. Sung in both English and Japanese, the track stays true to Jesse’s message of social activism and awareness. Shot entirely in black and white, the video intersperses artistic direction with classic video reels from the Cold War era to underscore Jesse’s message. MTV Iggy said it best by describing Access Violation as: 

If we’re truly in our last days, Japan’s Jesse McFaddin (of nu metal trio Rize) would probably provide the penultimate swan song. “Access Violation” contains lots of pounding, hip-hoppy drums, electro guitar strums and black and white end-of-the-world-appropriate footage with poetic Japanese lyrics weaved in.

Live Footage from Jesse’s Exclusive 1.11.13 Private Concert - Access Violation!

On January 11, 2013, Jesse McFaddin (Front man of RIZE) held a private concert for a select number of lucky fans who purchased one of the 1,111 limited edition 2 disc STAND UP albums. The debut solo album was released on 11.11.12 and the limited edition sold out nearly as soon as it became available!

In this clip, Jesse performs Access Violation at Shelter night club in Tokyo, Japan. Access Violation is the first music video released on the STAND UP album and is currently in rotation on MTV Japan and coming soon to MTV Iggy (US). 


Psst…curious about the video version? Click here to watch the official music video for Access Violation!



NK looking yummy! ^_^

Happy Thursday! 

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TOPROCKNEWS To Air a RIZE Radio Special Saturday 1.19.13

Tune in to Top Rock News this Saturday, January 19th at 8pm Venezuela time to catch a special dedicated entirely to RIZE! Anyone can listen in from around the world, and you can make requests for your favorite RIZE track by tweeting to @TopRockNews

Stay tuned for more details! :)