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Shure mics

Obsessed with this style of mic and totally want one! So 1930s - 1940s era!! According to the hubs, if I get this I might be inspired to sing again lol! ^_^

Hi All! Thanks for you patience with the details for submitting your lip synching/singing of fade’s Beautiful!

So, here are the details! I’ve created a 4shared account with a specific folder titled “fade Beautiful” for you to upload your videos. You will need to join 4shared to submit your video, but it’s free to do so. Please submit your video files here:

www. 4shared .com/ folder/ eJvYZls5/ fade_Beautiful.html

(note: remove the spaces when copying & pasting this URL into your browser…for some reason FB is blocking this URL from being clickable)

Deadline for submissions is May 15th, 2012 11:59PM EST (NY time).

**Anything posted after the 15th won’t be guaranteed to post to the final video edit.**

Please Note:

Upload only! Unless you want my wrath DO NOT

  • delete anyone else’s video submissions
  • change the file name on any video submissions 

ALL videos will be used for the final Beautiful video, so deleting someone else’s file won’t give you more face time. It will just annoy me and bring out angry Dori - trust me you DO NOT want to meet her.

All files should be labeled in the following way:  FirstNameLastName_Country_date

i.e. if I submitted a video it would be labeled DorianSmith_USA_042812

Please note date should be listed MMDDYY!

Remember! May 15th, 2012 is the FINAL day to submit fan videos. 

Only submit a video of you and/or your group singing or lip-syncing to Beautiful. I know you might like an alternate song, but it’s not what they want! Remember to have something in the video that clearly depicts your country/region.

i.e. if you’re in NYC, get a landmark building/area in the shot (Flatiron Building/Times Sq). If you’re in Paris, the Eiffel Tower would be nice (if possible). At minimum, please have a flag in the video rep’ing your country so we can prove that fade fans are literally everywhere! 

A few video tips:

  • Please try to provide the highest quality that you can. 
  • Avoid video phone submissions unless you KNOW that you can provide a high quality video from it. 
  • An obvious one but, don’t shoot facing the sun, we want to be able to see your pretty faces! ^_^

Questions, comments or really desperately want to get eye witness accounts about “angry Dori”? Email me at or drop me a note on Twitter @bigapplestyle